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Old 05-05-2003, 01:08 PM
Fran Higham
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Default Silent as the tomb..........

Well I imagine that all the Australians have been busy working in the veg
garden since the drought has broken, but what is the excuse for the rest of

How 'bout a sit rep from everyone? How did you/are you surviving the
drought Len? What are you up to Judeanne? How is the garden going JB now
that spring is on the way?

We have had good rain over the past few weeks. The dams are all full on
both places and the house and spare tanks are also full. People are
qactuallys miling again and talking and laughing again. I've even managed
to prepare a whole meal from the veg garden from the first lot of rain -
everything sprang up like it was just waiting (all the perennial veg that
is - the annuals are still a bit on the sad side and I think the tomaotes
will not recover - lots of piddling little ones but no decent sized ones for
bottling or saucing).

So.......... who's next?