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Fran Higham
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Default Silent as the tomb..........

"Janet Baraclough" wrote in

We've been in our new place for almost 4 months..

Boy hasn't that time flown!

it's overlooking the
sea on the island of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland. During a wet
winter we've removed 6 huge cypress trees, a large shed, a broken down
cold frame and a terrible wire fence, and re-fenced the boundary to the
sheep field next door. It's been a wet winter and we've just acquired
the pipes and gravel to renovate some bodged land drains; I want to get
that messy job done before I start planting.

You've done a lot of work for only 4 months. did you do it all yourselves
or did you get in contractors (other than for the trees, of course).

We've collected vast
amounts of seaweed from the beaches to dig into the veg garden, the
potato bed is ready and will be planted this weekend. I've built two
compost heaps and made a wormery (inspired by a talk on them) and
started making the paths in the veg garden.

Lowest temp on the outdoor thermometer for this winter, has been minus
3 C; but the few frosts have not lasted long and we had one small
snowfall in the garden, an inch, which melted off quickly. So this is a
milder garden than the last one on the mainland. Spring is here; today
was cloudless blue, still, sunny and warm all day.

So a lot milder than your old garden, I take it?

Yes, I know you get
those all the time in Oz :-)

Too bloody many!!!!!

Glad to hear you got rain at last , Fran.

Thank you (but not before time - it was simply dire!)