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Graham Burnett
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Default Silent as the tomb..........

How 'bout a sit rep from everyone?

Still popping in from time to time, though mainly in lurk mode...

Have sorted out my back garden which had become too conjested and dark for
much to suceed in the way of useful veggies, have replaced all the bed
edging, restored my pond (I forgot how big it was! Not that it was ever
really big, but soil & silt had crept in to make it about a thjird of it's
real size), lots of tree pruning done, put a new front on the wooden
greenhouse (made from the roof of a shed we took off at work!), so now the
garden is getting back to it's glory days as at the online pics hopefully atbthe
end of this year I'll have some up to date pics to add...

Have put in more fruit trees at the forest garden allotment (still no online
pics alas)

Then last friday I f*****d my back up working down the other allotment
(digging- oh dear- not very permacultural...). So I've been taking it easy,
trying to do a bit of gentle exercise to ease it a bit, and getting
frustrated at the amount of work I'd just about gotten on top of that still
needs doing

Never mind.... Have also been doing some course planning, including one at
Dial House, which, if Mark & Heather still lurk here, was once better known
as the home of anarcho-punks Crass


Cheers Graham