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Default Hydrangeas in Triangle

Do you know the varieties?

Without winter protection, I've got buds aplenty on a 3 year old Nikko Blue
although it is sheltered from winter winds. I've also got flower buds on a
Dooley's Blue I got from Stark brothers mail order; this one is right by
the house and I'm sure gets some extra heat from the brick. I had hardwood
mulch about 3 inches deep around them, but they sprouted from about 3 feet
above the ground on wintered over wood.


BB wrote:

I bought few 5gal Hydrangeas at the Home Depot this weekend. But the
person there didn't know if they survive the winters here. So my
question is, will these hydrangeas survive the cold weather? Or will
they die away in the fall and reappear in the spring?