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Default Secret Garden Musk Climber/Darlow's Enigma

(Unique Too) wrote in

The flowers didn't have much scent, but the ones left
with only stamens....they really do smell of cloves. I handed one to
my neighbor and she was surprised, then DH got to sniff. His
reaction, "I can't smell anything"...then, "Wow, that's strong,
doesn't smell like a rose though."

I've learned how many different rose scents there are, from paint-like to
citrus to damask-rose to cinnamon...and beyond. Sometimes they smell like
other flowers (sweet pea or mignonette). SGMC doesn't smell like cloves to
me but there's an element of a perfume I'm still trying to identify. I've
only had one blossom so far because mine came bare-root and is just
starting up.

Amazing that Ashdown sent a container plant with so many flower buds!

Darlow's Enigma is much smaller, in their quart size
pot. I took it out to check the roots and put it in a larger pot
right away. Lots and lots of nice roots. I think this one will stay
in a pot for the summer and give it time to grow a little more. It
could porbably go in the ground, but I feel better when they're potted
for a while.

You're right about this one. I got Darlow from The Uncommon Rose in October
of last year in a 4" pot and moved it up to 1-gallon right away. In
February it was ready for a five-gallon container. Just last weekend I
noticed that it had filled that one up and moved it to a ten-gallon
container. And it's throwing canes like nobody's business. Quite something!