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Default Secret Garden Musk Climber/Darlow's Enigma

(Unique Too) wrote in

Did you smell the stamens with out the petals? That's where I got the
fragrance and it was definitly clove.

Yes, but still not clove to me. As you say, scents differ, not just from
rose to rose but from admirer to admirer.

I thought so too. But this is a BIG rose! Much larger than I
expected, even in a 3 gallon pot. You had only one bloom, or one
cluster of blooms? All of mine are in clusters, from 9-15 blooms/buds
per group.

It has clusters. One opened early so I got a sneak-peek at it.

So I may get it in the ground sooner than I expected. That's good
news. I have an empty trellis I want to fill. I don't plan to grow
it as a true climber, but rather tie some of the first longer canes to
the trellis and let the rest of it grow it's own way. At least that's
my plan, anyone know why it won't work? I would like to do the same
thing the SGMC, but I don't have a trellis in place for it yet.

Darlow seems quite happy to be handled however you want. I've seen it grown
as a climber, a pillar and a hedge. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with
mine...and at the rate it's going I don't have a lot of time to figure it
out. I'm very tempted to blow up a well-established privet hedge and make
space for five or six more roses. Trouble is that the hedge belongs
technically to the apartment complex where I live and it's one of a pair
with my neighbor's apartment. So far I've been able to dig up lawn without
anyone seeming to notice but the landlord might miss a major hedge....