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Default 10gal. or smaller planted tank?


I just set up a 10 gal tank. In it are different species of anubias and
ferns. Livestocks includes 2 yamato shrimps, an oto, 2 SAE, 5 cardinals.

I used a 28w light and add a little of Florish trace elements every water
change. The plants look pretty healthy especially the anubias which sprouted
new plants after 3 days of setting up.

Tomorrow, I am going to inject some DIY CO2 into the system to see if there
are any different.

When all these are successful, its going to be gardening time for my new
100gal tank.


"LeighMo" wrote in message
I have a couple larger tanks in the garage that could be set up in a

of hours. If she keeps them alive long enough for them to outgrow the

I'll get her a big'un

I wish you would consider setting up a larger tank now. If she succeeds

keeping those goldfish alive in a tank that small for long, she'll be

better than many grown-up goldfish experts.

The recommended stocking level for goldfish is 20 to 30 gallons per fish,
regardless of the size of the goldfish.

For a five gallon tank, a Siamese Fighting Fish would be a better choice.

maybe a small school of neon or cardinal tetras.