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Default Darlow's Enigma

saki wrote:

Cass wrote

saki wrote:

Darlow seems quite happy to be handled however you want. I've seen it
grown as a climber, a pillar and a hedge....

So how big did it grow as a hedge? You mean a lot of them? Sheared?

I don't know how many of them there were, but I first saw Darlow's Enigma
at Homestead Acre in Chatsworth, CA.

They were grown as a continuous hedge about four feet tall and possibly 10-
15 feet long, on the southwest side (if memory serves) of the Hill-Palmer
Cottage. Kim Rupert pointed it out to me. I think he mentioned that it was
sheared every season and just kept blooming.

I detected the first buds this morning. Can't wait to give it the scent
test. It's hard to know whether it will have canes stout enough to
handle the wind here. Roses will broomstick sized canes work the best
unless most of the canes are finger sized and a bit flexible. Finger
sized and stiff is a sure loser.