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Henry Kuska
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Default Darlow's Enigma

I guess narrow is relative. The younger leaves are narrow, but the older
leaves I would put in the normal catagory. I guess I would have to say the
same for "dark green". The mature leaves are not light like Climbing Summer
Snow; but I would not classify the mature leaves as dark either. Remember
most of my 1000 or so roses are shrub or species roses. Someone with hybrid
teas maybe would see things differently.
Henry Kuska, retired
"Cass" wrote in message
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Henry Kuska wrote:

Darlow's Enigma has produced many nice open pollinated seedlings for
me. Most of them are similar to the mother. I am so confident that
the seedlings will produce nice plants that I often donate a batch of
tiny first spring seedlings to be sold at our rose club's spring plant
auction. The feedback has been very favorable especially since the
owner knows that he/she has the only copy of that rose in the world.

The following link has a picture of one that I kept (I have kept more
than one):

Prof. Kuska, do they often share that same dark green, narrow foliage?