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J Kolenovsky
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Default Re-Grading a Back Yard

You most likely need an landscape architect. They can be obtained on a
per job basis or by the hour. Check your yellow pages and then check
their references.

Billy wrote:

The house we are bought has a 100' x 100' back yard. The front portion =

one grade, the rear portion, 2' to 3' higher. A retaining wall with ste=

separates the grade. The land has a slight negative pitch toward the ho=

as the terrain is not level. According to the home inspector, this is a=

thing because water penetration is more likely.

We intend on removing several trees that exist on the higher grade and
leveling it to that of the lower grade. The knowledge that I'm seeking =

how to level the two grades and create a positive pitch away from the h=

when the slope comes towards the home.

Has anyone done this type of work. Can you recommend any web sites that=

would be helpful in understanding the process and the costs involved?

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