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Default Is this Pearling?

Phil, I too can report good results with the Nutrafin system. So far
I have seen a lot of growth in my Vals, crypts, horwort, and anubias.
I don't think this system puts out enough Co2 for tanks above 30g or
so. I really like the diffuser and will probably use it to attach to
a 2 liter DIY system. Considering that I only paid $19.00 for the
entire system, I would recommend it for the diffuser alone. I have
been running this system for about 2 weeks and have definitely noticed
a difference in the plant growth. I have also noticed that the Co2
production has already slowed down quite a bit from the Nutrafin
container(its not very big).

By the way, can anyone recommend a pressurized Co2 system - brand,
price, dealer?

"Philip Ash" wrote in message ...
"Phil Williamson" wrote in message
do you find the nutrafin CO2 system works really well?

"dpots" wrote in message
I recently added a DIY Co2 system to my 60g aquarium. I am seeing
streams of very tiny bubbles coming off of the Vals. I have also seen
larger bubbles appearing on the under side of the leafs of my anubias
nana and barteri. Is this typical of "Pearling"? Can pearling occur
on the underside of a leaf.

FYI, I am using the diffuser from a Nutrafin Co2 system. It appears
to be working great. A large Co2 bubble enters the bottom of the
diffuser and quickly travels to the top where it has been reduced to
almost nothing.


I know I was not directly asked the question, however I have had some
experience with the Nutrafin system and in the interest of public sharing, I
thought I might jump in and pass on my opinions.

I have a Nutrafin system on a 75 UK Gal tank. I added it , upgraded the
lighting and added *lots* of plants in an effort to control algae.
I have very recently obtained some PMDD

My plant growth so far has been outstanding (at least for me). I haven't
even started with the PMDD yet ! I have until now used the Kent fertilisers.
Elodea will grow more than 12" in a week. Other plants will add several
inches a week. Crypts several new leaves per fortnight, Echindorus one or
two leaves a week.
One Vallis species threw runners out and produced 5 plants within 3 weeks.
I had never experienced pearling, until I added the CO2 system. I have in
fact, purchased a second, which I will be adding to the tank this weekend.
They are rated up to about 20-30 gallons.

The diffuser seems to do its job very well indeed. I frequently have 7 or 8
bubbles slowly working their way up the maze simultaneously, whilst getting
smaller and smaller.
Great fun to watch, very easy to tell when CO2 production is dropping off.

I paid 15 GBP for my unit, and it was a very good value for money
investment. If I continue to get achieve good results, and beat the algae, I
will probably invest in a pressurised injection system. A fantastic, safe,
easy introduction to CO2.