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Default Is this Pearling?

Plant respiration occurs on the underside of leaves, so yes, it can and does
occur there. With small-leaved plants like Riccia, the bubbles are much
more visible.


"dpots" wrote in message
I recently added a DIY Co2 system to my 60g aquarium. I am seeing
streams of very tiny bubbles coming off of the Vals. I have also seen
larger bubbles appearing on the under side of the leafs of my anubias
nana and barteri. Is this typical of "Pearling"? Can pearling occur
on the underside of a leaf.

FYI, I am using the diffuser from a Nutrafin Co2 system. It appears
to be working great. A large Co2 bubble enters the bottom of the
diffuser and quickly travels to the top where it has been reduced to
almost nothing.