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linda mar
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Default how much plant is too much plant for fish at night?


another newbie ponderings...

I've been searching for any indication of how to determine when you have too
many plants in the tank that may actively compete with fish for oxygen at
night.. without much success.

is this something I really have to worry, or not worry? All the references
I have been able to dig up only mentions that plants will compete for oxygen
at night, but doesn't really say how quickly the oxygen will get depleted...
Also, how much light the plants need before it completely stops producing
oxygen (dim dawn light? room light? or only with bright CF light?)

I guess I'm thinking, what happens if the power goes out at night and my
powerheads stop circulating water in pitch dark? The way I have the light
timer, there is probably only about 6-7hrs of total darkness before some
outdoor ambient light starts lighting up the room. Right now in my 37G tank
(essentially a tall 29G) I have 4 very large sword plants (2 amazon, 2
ozelot), several crypts, big anubias barteri nana (I thought they were
supposed to be short! mine is at least 7" tall from rhizome to tip of
leaf!), few bunches worth of stem plants in it (foxtail, lysmachia, rotala
indica), and some apongetons in it (boivi--whatever, and two small lace
plants). eventually I'll load this tank to maximum recommended (30" worth
of fish), but wanted ot make sure oxygen competition at night is nothing I
really need to worry... so I do need to worry...