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Default Amazon sword?

Hi everybody,

thanks for the info... one more question on amazon sword while we're still
on the topic... It's been about 3-4 weeks since I planted them in my tank
(37G with 55W CF. tad on the low side). all my new leaves of the amazons
look somewhat translucent. Is this normal? or is it missing some

the color looks a little light green, but that may be due to the lightbulb
color tho.. (5400k). My crypts, java fern, lysmachias, foxtail, E. Ozelot
is doing fairly well (all new leaves are red), so far...

my tank is very soft (based on city water info), and alkaline (pH~8
according to my LFS. I've just ordered my own test kit... hope it will
arrive soon). I've been dropping Flourish about 0.5ml every few days. I
also did order some root tabs, in hopes of giving the root feeders a bit of
a boost.


"LeighMo" wrote in message
When trimming swords, sometimes I can't quite get to the base of the

and end up leaving about 1" or so of the stub left, which eventually

looking "rotting"

It's unattractive, but it's not harmful. I sometimes leave long stubs

when I'm
in a hurry (usually in the morning, heading for work). No time to take

off my
shirt so it doesn't get wet when I'm up to my armpit in the tank. g
Sometimes I go back and trim them shorter later, sometimes I leave them .

I'm planning to take a photo of the tank, I usually trim all the stems

down as
far as I can, just so it looks nicer.