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Robin Pereira
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Default Green Hair Algae

"dpots" wrote in message
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of Green Hair Algae?
My 60g tank has been taken over by this stuff. It is on all of my
plants. I have 20 amano shrimp and 8 otos in the tank, but they don't
seem to be eating it. Is there something better out there that will
get rid of it. My tank is densely planted with anubias, cabomba,
hornwort, hygro, java fern, java moss, najas grass, jungle val,
italian val, elodia, and diandra. All of the plants are growing quite
well, but the leaves are getting covered with this tough green hair
algae. My lighting is on for 10 hours and consists of 4 48"
flourescents (flora grow bulbs). I also run a diy CO2 system and
filter the tank via an aquaclear 500 power filter. I complete a 30%
water change weekly.

Any help or advice!

I have noticed, and it has been posted here a number of times, that high
levels of iron promote the growth of green hair algae. Are you dosing an
iron supplement? Can you test your iron level?

Robin P.