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Default Crypts go dormant? and grow?

I've had a great little crypt wenditti, grew big for 8 months, then
stopped... leaves started looking tattered, and edges started curling, then
stopped growing...

Pruned a little here and there over 3 or 4 weeks, but couldn't "kick" it to
grow anymore.... so I left it...

Yesterday, I noticed that I've got 12-15 runners, rhyzomes, whatever,
growing about 6 inches from the parent plant... I left them, and will
probably allow them to come in as they would, but I wondered, do they grow
rhyzomes while in dormancy? Or did some pruning spur the growth?

Flourite substate
Dosed with flourish after every water change
55w over 29g
Injected CO2, lower amounts
pH of 6.8