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Rich Conley wrote in message ...
(posted in all capitols to see if I could get a Hank-ing....testing to
see what his parameters need to be...)

Okay....20 Gal High tank, 45 watts of light. About weekly 20% water
changes. I am starting to get some red algae on the front glass...Ive
never seen this before...whats going on?

Tank is moderately planted...


CO2 added? If so then you don't have enough CO2(is it DIY?). Adding
nutrients that the plants need to grow will also help.

If not, add it or remove all the BBA you can, plant heavily, add SAE's
and shrimps.
You can blame the source but the fact of the matter is that if not
BBA, then some other algae would take it's place.

Good dense plant growth= no algae. So give the plants what they need
to grow. Herbivores will put dents in mild cases but they are mainly
icing on the cake.

Tom Barr