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Default Phos-zorb removes all phosphate fast!!

(Randy Banta) wrote in message . com...
Phosphate feeds algae blooms in Aquariums. Phos-zorb will reduce a
5.00 ppm reading of phosphate to 0 ppm in 2 days and the Algae
disappears. It will last for about 2 monthes or keep the Phosphate
level at 0 ppm. You need a phosphate test kit to know the level of
phosphate in your water.

Let's try and straighten you out here about the PO4 and plants thing.

Your first statement is not right regarding planted tanks. I add PO4
3x a week to my tank to 1.0ppm, I have _no_ algae. Been that way for
about a decade and dozens of tanks over the years. Many plant tanks
with CO2 remove PO4 when supplied with K, NO3 and traces at pretty
high rates, 0.2ppm-0.3ppm per day(Lamott and Hach PO4 test kits) or
more in some cases. Many folks add PO4 to their tanks with excellent
results and less algae. I'm certainly not the only one. Folks in
Europe, Asia, NA etc do this.

Also, how do you plan to get good plant growth without adding PO4?
Plants need far more PO4 than algae. The ratio of N:P for aquatic
plants is 10:1 and only 14:1 for FW algae.

I suppose if you want non growing or stunted plants, and limit algae
growth somewhat, this might be something to shoot for.

But if growing nice looking plants without algae is the goal, you are
going about this all wrong. Good plant growth is best method to
prevent algae.
Poor plant growth = algae. You can see this both in nature and in the
The best planted underwater forest I know of has it's spring source
coming directly out of an old PO4 mine.

I would say that adding PO4 to my tanks prevents algae and I'd be

Many references to algae and PO4 comes from northern lakes with few if
any aquatic plants. If you look at tropical and subtropical lakes with
30-50% aquatic mass you will find that adding PO4/NO3 etc only causes
even more plant growth turning the lake into a week choked system.

This is more realistic to my planted tanks than a lake that freezes
and is devoid of much plant mass and is 10C on average most of the

High PO4 accumulations in tanks are a by product of poor plant growth.
Healthy growth removes PO4 faster than it can be added via the fish
(You will add too much NH4 before you statisfy the PO4 demand). Tap
water seldom reaches more than 1.5 to 2ppm. 50% weekly changes will
remove all of the PO4 by week's end in a well run tank.

Plants will keep the PO4 levels down indefinitely, not 2 months.
BTW how much can you sell Phos-zorb for afterwards? I can sell and
trade my plants quite easily. And my tanks/plants/fish look much
better with healthy plants.

In 100 gallons of plant tank, I can produce perhaps 100-200$ worth of
plant cuttings for the local aquarium society in 2 months adding
things like PO4, K etc. And using PO4 zorb I'll have spent what? 10 $
for this and have few plants nor a decent tank to show for it? Now
how's this a good deal?

The path to a good algae free nice looking plant tank is growing the
plants well.

Tom Barr