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jim wheeler
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Default racoons on top of bird feeder

many thanks for all the good suggestions. we are currently using a squirrel
proof feeder but ole Rocky sits on top and with his long arms he can scoop
out the feed without tipping the door shut.

cheers, jim

"Susan H. Simko" wrote in message
jim wheeler wrote:
any suggestions on keeping racoons off the top of a bird feeder? keeps
emptying the feeders every nite.

We were told to try mixing capsacin (the element in hot peppers that
make them hot) in with our bird seed to discourage squirrels. We did
some research on it first and found that it does appear to be true that
birds do no have receptors for capsacin so they do not notice it.
However, the squirrels sure do as I bet raccoons would also.

We haven't been using pure capsacin just mixing powdered cayenne in with
the bird seed.

shsimko at duke dot edu