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Jimmy Bundrick
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Default Non-toxic weed control

As with all Pest control problems, most Pest control companies do not apply
insecticide at rates capable of killing all pests in the lawn as well as
subsequent reinfestations due to insect life cycle.

As with weeds, are you telling me that you did not find a single weed
present after initial treatment for weeds. And that all weeds can be
controlled by single app of one particular herbicide? There are several
weeds in this part of the country that cannot be controlled by one
herbicide, but needs a couple of apps to totally kill them. We use Trimec,
and Prompt 5L, and these two apps control most weeds.

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"Jimmy Bundrick" wrote:
Never heard this before... and as it is sometimes difficult to control
some weeds with chemicals that say they will kill a particular weed,

then it may take 2-3 apps to completely kill them. So I would say no to
corn gluten as a control to the broad spectrum of Broadleaf weeds you


Is that anything like your 2 to 3 grub controls to cure an infestation,

Still a grassmaster tech?

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