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Default How do you guys measure Stuff?

The Green dust on my glass is rally a pain. I would appreciate any help in
this regard.

Thanks and Regards

Green dust is a zoospore that after you wipe it off, it simply re
settles back on the glass. They look like little spikey hemispheres.

A good way to get rid of it is to do a good scrubbing of the glass
etc, do a large water change right afterwards, and-or run a micron
filter or some extra floss etc to remove the spores before they re
settle back and start growing again.
The filter byitself can do a good job if you scrub a couple of times a

They re settle in about 1-2 hours time and you have a new film

It's not particularlly harmful to mplants and seldom grows on them.
But it can be annoying since it coveres the glass fast. Some Pleco's
will eat it etc.
Tom Brr