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Default sweet--not scotch broom--to plant or not to plant?

I just went out and checked the tag on the broom. It turns out that
it's cytisus spachianus. Is this plant invasive or can I leave it in
the ground?

Thanks in advance.


"Travis" wrote in message .. .
Lil wrote:
About a year ago, we picked up a scotch broom cheap at Target because
it's so pretty and smelled nice. The tag said it liked it moist so I
thought it would be ideal for the spot in the garden that gets pretty
wet during the winter.

While doing research on other plants, I discovered that Scotch broom
infestation is a major problem in certain parts of Northern
California, Oregon, British Columbia and even Australia.

So the question is, is it REALLY an invasive plant and is it SO bad
environmentally that I should yank it out?

Scotch broom is very invasive other brooms are not.