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Old 29-05-2003, 06:23 AM
David Wee
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Default Onyx Sand Cloudiness

I finally got around to replacing my cheap coated gravel substrate with
Onyx Sand, in my 10 gallon. Im using an AquaClear 150 mini.. I rinsed off
the sand in a bucket for about 30 times (alot of water), and after a
certain point, I just felt, well, no matter how many times I rinse this
stuff, there is always going to be a cloud, so I just put it into my
aqaurium and filled up the water.

Now the "slight initial cloudiness" (as predicted by the bag) is not so
slight, nor is it not so initial..

The cloudiness is really starting to bother me. My aquaClear sponge is
seemingly much too porous to grab up ultra micorscopic silt, and im
wondering at this point, should i just put in my powerhead filter to
really help ? Whats the deal with the cloudiness? I just dont see the
small aqua clear sponge trapping all that cloud.

Help wanted.