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Default Substrate Experences

I was just wondering if it had any
negative properties I should be aware of (light weight, ugly color, ect).

would probably buy a 20lb bag of it and mix the rest with standard

gravel. I plan on growing pretty standard easy to care for plants,

java moss/fern, apon. lillies, crypts and anublias)


thanks for any input

Light weight is the biggest gripe.
For a small tank, simply buy flourite or onxy sand. You can mail order
it for about 10-12$ a bag(BigAl's etc). The profile will cost about
1/2 or so. Not really a large saving on a smaller tank like, a 20 gal
You can save in other areas and upgrade things much easier like the
CO2/lights etc, substrate changes are a pain.

Tom Barr