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Basil Chupin
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Default how to cook Aloe vera?

arien wrote:
In article ,

'd get the
recipe from their web site later. But I can't find any mentio

Maybe try the Burkes Backyard magazine?
I've noticed that stuff that goes in the magazine tends to be omitted from their website.

A friend of mine, born and bred oversea in a European country, had
memories of a special dish that he had last eaten some 40 years ago -
and he really missed it! I told him that I knew a person who owned a
restaraunt in Sydney who came from the same part of the world he did and
may know the recipe but unfortunately she did not but thought that her
now deceased husband would have known. So, no recipe of THAT special recipe!

It then occurred to me to do a search using Google for the recipe for
this dish.

It took exactly 3 minutes to find the very recipe that my friend has
been seeking for many, many years (and he, too, daily accesses the

Marvellous what one can find using Google or Ask Jeeves search engines.

"I'd rather be a has-been than a never-been-at-all."