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Default garden police gone wild?

So were these cops master gardeners too?

God help anyone who grows ornamental grasses!! You could get a life

If the cops had too much free time on their hands, they should have been
spending it trying to track down real criminals instead of trying to force
their sterile sense of aesthetics on the neighborhood. Then again, gardeners
rarely shoot at them (unless they get them really ****ed off!!). Probably
next you will hear some story about a cop that shot and killed someone who
was coming toward them with a weed wacker and claiming it was self
defense!!!! You can never be to careful when dealing with these criminal

Dave Allyn (Dave Allyn) wrote in message
This reminds me of a neighbor just up the block: He got a notice
from the town basically stating that if he didn't keep his grass less
than 12 inches, he was going to be fined. Let me note that he has an
immacculate lawn. no weeds, mows once a week to keep it perfect,
etc... Needless to say he was abit upset. he called the town, and
asked what was the deal, and where did they see grass to be cut? they
looked up his address, and said the cops say tall grass on the north
side of his garage.

" Tell then they are F***'n Idiots!!! those are my day lillys!!!"

This discussion is very pertinent to me right now. I have a brand new bed
(my 80 year old neighbor didn't recognize the difference between roundup

something specific for dandelions and killed off most of my parking
strip.....LOL). So in the dead sod I planted giant grasses last fall, and
bulbs, and early this spring planted (by seed) rows of tall and short
wildflowers (tall in the center, short at the edges) Things like

linaria, poppies, california poppies, flax, bachelor buttons, dame's

annual phlox, lupines, larkspur, foam flower, sweet alyssum, etc.
Unfortunately, the only ones I recognize for sure, having grown them

are poppies, california poppies, alyssum, and linaria.For a long time, I
thought I would let everything grow and sort it all out later, but of

there's lots of grass coming up, as well as dandelions, and some other
familar weeds of this area. (Most of the wildflower seeds also sprouted).

worst mistake was thinking that a certain spade-shaped leaf was something
precious, but this past week, it has started to resemble something I
recognized very well - BINDWEED!. Fortunately, all in the seedling stage,

easy to remove. I will report on it as an experiment, in the middle and

the end of the summer. It occured to me that most of these things will be
bloomed out at the end of July, so I have planted some four-oclocks,

and lavatera to take over at the end of the summer.
I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts as I stand on the street or
sidewalk looking into this bed of what looks like a derelict waste garden
intently, then reach down and pluck out a single plant here or there. I'm
hoping that in 2 or 3 weeks, they will understand better what I was up


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