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Default garden police gone wild?

Frogleg wrote:

Beware, however, the term "eyesore." My goodness, there are a lot of
people with sensitive eyes. From clotheslines to large (US) flags to
trucks on the street, some are offended by anything that doesn't match
their decor. I had a *real* cop come to my door one day about my
harboring a "derelict" car in my driveway. I hope my licensed,
inspected, registered, insured, and daily-driven elderly VW didn't
hear this canard.

That's enough to make one want to buy a *real* p.o.s. vehicle for $50 and
park it out front -- with current license, of course. Just to **** people
off who obviously enjoy being ****ed off.

At least where I live, if the vehicle has current plates, there's nothing
they can do about it if it's on your property. If it's parked on the
street is has to be moved every 12 hours; never enforced, but it could be
if the neighbors complain.

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