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James Ervin
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On 30 May 2003 20:03:23 GMT, tose (LeighMo) wrote:

Most people with high-light tanks eventually have to supplement phosphate, at
least occasionally. Sounds like your time has come.

Thanks for the info:

It is a 55 tank with 7 Otto's, 6 guppies, 14 molly fry (sort of
fry/fish about 1/2 inch long...the parents jumped ship, literally), 4
guppy fry and a bristle nosed Pleco. There may be some shrimp
left.....but I can't see any now. This seems like a low load to me
(my other tanks have cichlids and have "pounds" of fish in them....big
oscars and Jack's).

So, should I shoot for 2ppm of Phosphate using one of the liquid types
that my LFS has?

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