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Default garden police gone wild?

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wrote on 5/30/03 12:59 PM:

(Dianna Visek)
Date: 5/31/2003 12:29 AM US Mountain Standard Time

Our town was in the process of reworking its "nuisance vegetation"
ordinance. The first draft outlawed all plants that had any parts
poisonous or injurious to humans or animals. We would have been left
with nothing but lettuce!

I bet you could challenge that ordinance as being unconstitutionally vague.
After all, any ingestible portion of a plant has the potential to be injurious
as a choking hazard. For that matter, the key issue is dosage with many toxic
substances--iron is "good" for you, but too much will fry your liver, etc.

Lettuce will kill you if you try to swallow an entire head. Iron will also
kill you if it ingested in the form of an epee.