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Default garden police gone wild?

The real problem is neighbors not being good neighbors.

If one was willing to help out a fellow neighbor by volunteering to mow
their lawn while they have their own mowers out, the neighborhood would be a
more peaceful and harmonious place. Instead, the jerks are quick to call out
the "garden police" if their neighbors don't conform to their own obsessive
ideal. There are far too many self-centered vindictive assholes out there
and that is what really needs to change.

Too many laws are not well thought out and are enforced by those who go out
of their way to find ways to abuse them.

So called "neighborhood improvement organizations" are the biggest offenders
for making up arbitrary rules and using them to harass those who they don't
like. Those people really need to "get a life".

Dave Allyn (Dave Allyn) wrote in message
day. The law was designed for seizing regular cars but assholes abuse

(not directed at you)
let's not forget the idiots who made the laws required in the first
place. if everyone would keep the grass mowed every few weeks there
would be no need for the "nussence vegitation" laws in the first
place. if people wouldn't abandon thier cars, those laws wouldn't be
needed either.

people do not have enough creativity to make up insane laws out of
thier heads as preventive. there needs to be a case where someone
says "there should be a law againat that" and then makes one.

99% of these laws had good intentions.. and were then abused, or made
so broad where the intent was lost, and bordom of others saw and

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