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Long Tall Sally
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Default Hi could anyone maybe be able to tell what kind of plant pest

You have the dreaded Marphistes aphids. They breed and lay eggs in the
fall, but the eggs do not hatch until spring when night time
temperatures remain over 60 degrees. They are late hatching this year
because of the unusually cool, damp spring. Marphistes aphids have tiny
mouth parts which they stick through the plant stems and suck out all
the plant juices and other vital fluids.

Go to your nearest swimming pool supply store and purchase a gallon of
muriatic acid. It is relatively cheap, usually less than $10 and is not
harmful to humans. Mix the acid in a 50-50 ratio with a gallon of
water. Pour the resulting mixture in a watering can and douse your
flowers thouroughly. You should see results within 24 hours.

J wrote:
i have a honey suckle and this morning i looked at it and i seen on
every flower these green little bugs they were thousands on each
flower some were green they were maybe a milimeter big and some were
sorta like navy blue and much smaller i didnt see any wings on them or
anything i did spray them and some still stuck on the plant if anyone
can maybe tell me which kind of plant pest this is it well be well

Thanks in advance Jay