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David Wee
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Default Color Temperature vs Color Spectrum

I was browsing thekrib
(specifically concerning the post
Color spectrum Vs Degree Kelvin??)

since I was planning on getting a 6x13W compact flourescent( yes,
thats 1x13W individual ballasts) for my 10 gallon, to upgrade.

The offering of bulbs are as follows


Now I could get an assortment, i.e. 2 of each color temperature,
but i read that plants photosynthesize best at under high red spectrum
lighting. So im concerned about selecting the best color temperature bulb
since I (think) i want to go with strong reds in my light selection.

According to the aforementioned post on thekrib, a 3000K temperature
will have very strong reds, and at the high end of the temperatures
such as 9000K, you have alot of blues. Does this mean that a 5000K
bulb has a roughly even mix of reds and blues?

THe primary question is what bulbs do I select?

Also as an aside, as a quick analysis between versus

2x13 watts at AH supply using the cheapest AHsupply bulbs
= $28
2x13 watts at AH supply using the $2 bulbs
= $19

2x 13 Watts at (using double 1x13 ballasts ) with $2 phillips
= $14 =


1.86 Watts per Dollar 0.93 Watts per dollar
at at AHsupply

If anyone can help me find even a stronger watts per dollar on compact
flourescents, let me know!!! Im always on the conquest to get the most
out of my money.

Dave Wee