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Hey Leigh

*DeLurk mode* on. Yip that was me!!!....It worked just fine actually.
Although i didn't use gallons i just used a few cups of water. I dont use
test kits so will not be able to give you the correct ppm but everything
seems just fine and dandy.

While I'm here *Rant Mode*. Leigh, you informed me that I had a low light
tank (10 gallon tank with 1x 10w flourescent tube, and 1 x 50w 300 lumens
desklamp). And told me that i should just remove the incandescent as it will
not really be doing any good. I did remove the lamp about a month or so ago
and only had the 10watt going in the meantime. All was fine but plant growth
basically halted in its tracks. They looked healthy but were not thriving.
Last weekend I added 4 Threadfins to the tank (the only inhabitants). I did
a small water change before they were added and while examining the tank I
decided that the plants were definitely lacking something. I put the
incandescent light back on the tank and hey viola....Instant Pearling. That
was the first time I have actually seen plants putting out a constant stream
of bubbles from certain parts on the leaves. It was raining bubbles.
Hyahya...The rainbows must have thought they were in heaven! The
incandescents may not be the ideal lighting for the tank but they sure are
helping while I save to buy some decent lights. COOL BANANAS hey?

Sometimes you have to experiment a tad to see what works best for you.
Improvise JA?
Thanks alot to all whos invaluable advice has been used and abused


"LeighMo" wrote in message
My largest Oscar tank (a 120) has pH 7, GH 5, KH 4, KNO3 13 and P 5
(I can not measure over 5ppm with my Hach low range kit.

I am thinking of moving 5 gallons to the 55 once a week to supplement
P and KNO3. That would be

Any reason this would not be plausible?

I think someone else here was planning to do this. Maybe they'll de-lurk

tell us how it worked.

As long as the oscar tank is healthy, I see no reason not to try it.