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Chris Cochrane
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Default [IBC] Daughter's visit with her family [Was: [IBC] Atom Bomb and Masaru Yamakis Bonsai]

Hi Ben et al.

IBCers must have extra-sensory perception! NBF webmaster Craig Hunt updated
the continuiing story of the 'Hiroshima Survivor' Pine only this morning and
is going to make some modest changes including moving the daughter's
family's visit (now the introduction) to a separate page.

How you caught its publication so fast, is eerie...!

Best wishes,
Chris... C. Cochrane, , Richmond VA USA
[No, I'm not the infamous virus wielding geek
... but
let's NOT discuss it on the list... :-)...]

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I saw this link on gardenweb to a interesting article.
Im sure many of your frequent gardenweb but i didn't
want the rest of you to miss out on the pictures and
story here.


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