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Robert Goodman
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Default Territorial mockingbird hogging feeder

In the 1990s there was a mockingbird here who was in love with the cat
next door. She paid him no attention, which bothered him no end.
When she faced in his direction, he'd screech at her, and when she
turned away he'd swoop in and fly within inches before breaking off,
fanning the cat to get her to turn around. That mockie wouldn't sing
anything interesting until some time in the wee hours, when he'd belt
out Berlioz or something like that and wake us up. Daytime he'd just
screech. Screechy Cat Mocker eventually found a lady bird he liked
named Chip; at least, that's what she said her name was when I asked.

My friend Nadine had near her bldg. Tweedle-Dee Clock Mocker, who
imitated her electronic clock alarm.

Robert in the Bronx