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Kay Easton
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Default Weed Or Not A Weed?

In article , Melanie
In April, I threw down some seeds for evening-scented stocks (Matthiola) and
since then I've been cultivating what I thought were these stocks. However,
I'm now beginning to strongly suspect that these plants are, in fact, weeds!

I decided to let them flower to see what they are, but I'm getting tired of
waiting. So, I've taken the liberty of uploading a couple of rather
out-of-focus photos of them (my camera batteries ran out so I couldn't take
any more, sorry).

I'd be grateful if someone would be kind enough to look at the photos and
give me an ID to let me know if these plants are weeds.

Chenopodium, by the look of it. British native. They don't get much more
interesting than that the flowers are tiny and sort of knobbly, the same
green grey colour.

Matthiola - night-scented stock - have long thin leaves which are
covered with very short sort of lumps which give an overall slight
roughness - you can see this even in the young seedling stage.
Otherwise, their colour is about the same as your Chenopodium, so I can
see why you were hopeful.

Kay Easton

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