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Default Transplanting Azaleas

Robert Gray wrote:

I am in the process of mulching the back bed, and have convinced myself that
the 5 azaleas in that bed will look better if grouped together in a corner.
They range in size from 2-3' high and 1-2' wide. It is not something that I
need to do immediately, so I am asking when will be the best time to move


The ground is nice and wet right now, so pulling the saplings out has been
realatively easy. Some of these have root systems more than 1 foot deep!.
They had been cut down at the soil line several times, but just kept growing
back. I'd like to see them try that without any roots! Of course, new ones
will try, but the mulch should keep them out. I am also moving liriope,
since it has invaded some of my hosta beds. The hostas are still resting,
but they will soon emerge from a fesh cover of mulch. Can't wait till

We did move a half dozen azaleas in the front yard last October.

Good timing.

I amended
the soil with plenty of horse manure the year before, and the fall rains
have given them plenty of water. So, they are doing fairly well - although I
am not sure if they will bloom this year or not. Should I wait until Fall
again for the other ones?

Yes, wait. Why argue with success? Remember how hot and dry it was
last summer? Remember how rainy it's been this winter? Azaleas have
shallow root systems. Transplant them now and you are facing a summer
of watering to help them survive.

Or is it possible to cut them back after blooming
and move them then. Say, around the end of April...

If you insist on transplanting them in the spring, earlier is better
than later.