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Default bullfrogs & frogs & toads etc

Glad you asked this question. We had one leopard frog and two wood frogs
around our pond. Monday morning I went out to say "Good Morning" to frogs
and fish. The three resident frogs were not to be found but I found a
bigger frog in residence. Until going through this entire thread I thought
he was a bullfrog and was tempted to evict him. Now I'm not so sure. He
could be a green frog based on the pictures at We will check this out
further. I really hope he is a green frog. He is beautiful with cream,
green and copper colors.

Do bullfrogs grow bigger in warmer climates? If the frog is small, does it
still eat fish, birds etc?


"*muffin*" wrote in message
HOW do you tell what is a bullfrog? compared to a regular frog?

I've been reading on here how destructive bullfrogs are ( eating goldfish)

are there regular frogs & toads that are just fine?

( I did a search on 'dogpile' and found lots of bullfrog hotels, spas etc
etc,,,,,,, got tired of trying to find something on the critters..) a pic
search, showed pics of frogs,,,,,, have no idea if they were bullfrogs or
harmless ones?