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Tom La Bron
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Default catfish food for koi :-)


If you look at the break down of catfish feeds you will see the same
additives as are in the expensive foods.

Tom L.L.
"Bonnie Espenshade" wrote in message
~ Windsong ~ wrote:
A few years ago there was a discussion here (I think it was here) about
feeding koi and large goldfish catfish food. I remember all kinds of

warnings. We pay $10.99 for a 50 lb bag of catfish chow here in TN. If

buy koi food it runs around $35 for a small 10 lb bag. The koi are

big and really pack the food away now. After 3 years I can attest to

fact that koi THRIVE on this food as do all the goldfish. I do buy a
smaller pellets for the smaller fish.

There's been no disease or parasites since we've started using this

and also LymnoZyme a few times in early spring. Every single fish

the winter.

I believe the arguement was that the catfish food was not
for long lived fish. Most catfish are raised as food fish,
not pets and their lives are not as long as koi.