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John Savage
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Default how to cook Aloe vera?

My isp's server has been flaky for a few weeks, hence no postings.

This is the only aloe vera recipe I have found so far:

Ingredients: for 8 persons/50 min
500 g aloe vera
200 g flour
100 g ghee
1 tsp lemon juice or salt
to taste coarse sugar
Peel aloe vera and take the pulp out. The pulp will be about 250
grams. Add lemon juice or salt and keep aside for about 15-20
minutes, then wash thoroughly and mash with a fork. Heat a ladle of
ghee in a deep pan. Fry the pulp on low heat until it leaves the
sides of the pan. Remove it from the pan and keep it aside. Put ghee
in the pan and roast the flour on low heat until light brown. When a
good aroma emanates add to it the fried aloe vera and mix. While warm
add coarse sugar and form into laddoos.
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I lost the link, but searching google for a few keywords in the recipe will
find it.

There is also mention of an Aloe Jam, but I'm not sure whether it is a
pleasant tasting food, or a medicinal form.

I guess I must be growing pigmy Aloe. Look at this description on the web:

| Habitat Originally from North Africa and Spain, it is native to hot,
| dry regions.
| Appearance Aloe Vera is 12 feet high. The leaves are succulent, broad
| at the base and pointed at the tips, with spines along the edges.

I wouldn't like to parachute into a field of these giant Aloe plants!
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