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Default Organic rose program

I would like to go all organic this year with my roses. I planted a
"Princess Diana" hybrid tea, and moved two three year old "Veteran's
Honor" hybrid teas to a raised bed that I prepared using about half
black and white clay soil,(yuk),the other half leaves, bagged manure and
compost tilled in. The bed is about 2 feet deep and gets a good 8+ hours
sun a day.
The plan is to foliar feed with
seaweed extract and
compost tea with a bit of garlic mixed in every week during the growing
season. Questions are - Will foliar feeding with these three ingredients
help keep insects and disease under control or is there something else
to add? What organic fertilizer should I use to fertilize the first
time in March,and
after first flush to give them the boost they need?

Dan J.
Zone 7b
Dallas TX