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Kay Easton
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Default froglets sticking on the paving

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If you want to encourage frogs in your pond, it is sensible to have some
vegetation close to one part of it so frogs can emerge and head straight
into that.

I don't have paving all the way round. At the rear I have overhanging
slate then on one side there's a gently sloped stone-filled 'stream'
from the filter outlet and on the other side just a gentle slope of
stones. Froglets seem to be emerging on both sides but more on the
simple slope side. There is a big patch of untamed strawberry plants
right by the stream side providing ample cover and foraging material for
them. (I thought it might also keep the strawberries slug-free.) I'll
add some cover on the other side to provide a route into a nearby bed.

Or see if there is a way to encourage more of them to emerge on the
'safe' side? More pond plant cover that side, perhaps? Ours seem to
emerge primarily up near the waterfall that is the input to the pond -
there's a lot of vegetation there - water forget-me-not, a small pond
sedge and so on.
Kay Easton

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