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Sue & Bob Hobden
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Default froglets sticking on the paving

"dave wrote in message ...
For the last few mornings we''ve been waking up to the sad sight of
numerous desiccated froglets on the paving around our (1st year) pond. I
assumed that these were just the ones too dumb to get back to the water
before drying out but yesterday my son noticed one whose feet appeared
to have stuck to the paving. It was struggling to get free and (good lad
that he is) he gently peeled it off and put in the water. We've now
spread out plastic bags on the paving around the slopes where the
froglets are emerging but still found a couple which had strayed further
and stuck.

Is this just natural selection which we should leave be? Do others find
these each year?

It is so hot and dry at the moment, that is the problem, their little wet
slimy feet are gluing themselves to the super dry concrete. Try giving the
concrete a good spray/soaking every evening which will wet it and cool it
Oh, and don't try unsticking the little things without a thorough wetting
first or you could just pull the skin off their feet.

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