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Alan Gould
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Default Runner Beans, lots of flowers but no beans

In article , X

Can anyone help ?.

My runner beans are producing lots of flowers which are attracting my
friends the Bees. However no beans, just little a stump where the
flower used to be.

Any suggestions ?

Same here - and it happens every year - quite normal in fact. Give them
time, the beans will follow on when they are ready. We think that it is
because the necessary pollinating flying insects are not active this
early in the year. We are cropping dwarf french beans at the moment -
eating them, (lovely chopped raw into salads), freezing them and giving
them away. The runners will be in full growth before the dwarf french
ones are finished, so we'll have fresh green beans daily until the first
frost arrives.
Alan & Joan Gould - North Lincs.