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Default Toads, toads, and more toads....

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:13:54 GMT, Bonnie Espenshade

jammer wrote:
Went out this morning and i have some little toadlets sitting out of
the water. They are so little and cute!

So glad you had the chance to see them before they hop away.

Yes, thank you. I need to get more things (sticks) for them to climb
out on. Before i do that, I am going to dig the dirt up real lose in
some places around the pond hoping they will decide to stay around. In
2 yrs, the males should be back and in 3, the females. (To the pond to
mate) We will see then if i upped the population any. I think we have
5 resident toads as it is now. I can see where those little babies
would make good and exotic bird food, but i have to let nature take
it's course and hope to see some of them again next year.