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Default Toads, toads, and more toads....

When I had my small 125 gallon pond I had 9 toads that
would hang out every morning after the party the night before.
So funny, yet cute, to see them hanging with their "elbows"
on the side of the pond. Heads would turn this way and that.
Just like they were talkin' ... Shoulda got a picture of it.


"Bonnie Espenshade" wrote in message
In , on 06/19/03
at 06:24 AM, Bob Adkins said:

mate) We will see then if i upped the population any. I think we have
5 resident toads as it is now. I can see where those little babies

We have 5 or 6 here. We named each one "Mr. Toad". They hop to my garage
when the light is on, and snap up june bugs and moths by the hundreds.
When we were kids, we would play "leadbelly" by rolling #00 buckshot

a board toward them. They would glump down the shot until they could
hardly hop. Kids can be mean. I try to make up for it by being nice to
toads. I even stop mowing when the toadlets are swarming over my yard.

Waaaaaaa! I still want toads! Six years with a pond, living adjacent

about the last woods in the area, and no toads! Deer, yes. Toads, no.


I had toads spawn the first year I put in my pond. They
have never returned. :-(