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linda mar
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Default copper in malachite green? T or F?

Cool! thank you!

"zxcvbob" wrote in message
No copper. It just looks like it ought to have copper.

linda mar wrote:

Hi all,

I recently had an ich scare.. fortunately it went away on its own. But

future, I bought some Rid-Ich+ which is essentially a blend of malachite
green and formaldehyde.

now, somewhere in the web, it mentioned that malachite green is
copper-based. Is this true? I looked at the chemical structure of
malachite green, and didn't see any copper in its chemical structure.

Or do
they add copper in it in the mixture somehow? or is the web information

read wrong (quite possible)?

reason why i ask is that I have few E. Ozelots, which I was warned that

is copper sensitive.. so I wanted to make sure Rid-Ich+ will be ok to

use in
the tank in an event of an ich outbreak.