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Basil Chupin
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Default how to cook Aloe vera?

John Savage wrote:
Basil Chupin writes:

Try doing a search on "recipes aloe vera" (without the quotes of course)
and see what this turns up.

Thanks Basil. Lots of recipes for aloe hand cream and sun lotion!

In Google, select Group search and then look in:

alt.folklore.herbs and

Search on "aloe" and see what turns up.

You could also subscribe to NG called (it's a moderated
NS; I was in it for some time and was provided with a recipe from a
person in Canada for a sandwich which I ate as a child in China)) and
ask the question there if the above 2 NSs do not produce anything.

You could also pay a visit to
where there is lots of interesting things to see - some could be useful :-).

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