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Default Planting roses in biodegradable pots?

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 17:55:01 GMT, Janet Baraclough

The message
from Polar contains these words:

Just bought two new "bare-root" roses -- though many in that
huge display were already leafing out (So Calif)

For the last few years, nursery has been selling the bare
roots in biodegradable pots-- looks like some kind of cardboard? or?

One is supposed to plant the whole thing & it will

For some reason, I'm suspicious of these, and last year I
removed the pot and proceeded with normal planting.

Nursery guy said he has tried both ways with equal results.

Anybody have opinions/experience in my zone?

Nothing remotely like your zone...but biodegradeable, "plant the whole
thing" pots for roses (and small trees)were a fleeting fashion a few
years back in the UK. I think they were moulded under pressure out of
recycled card and peat. They didn't give good results as roots tended to
circle round inside rather than breaking through; so before the pot had
disintegrated, the plant had made a very bad compacted root structure
which would be difficult to recover from.I haven't seen pots like that
for a while now.

Thanks to you and J. for responses. Your reply validates
my inherent suspicions. Will discard pot and proceed w/normal

Those pots were probably one of those lazy peoples' gimmicks;
sorry to see them still around.

The same nursery used to sell the bare roots in a much more
appropriate fashion: They created a huge deep bin of some shredded
organic material, and buried the roots in the stuff. You just pulled
out what you wanted. That sounds better to me than the
tightly-packaged bare roots on sale in most stores and nurseries.