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Default Can I bud/graft cherry onto plum rootstock?

I don't know the answer to your question, but this is what I have seen and
been told by an expert grafter.

1. Graft fruit with like seeds. Plums, peaches, apricots, etc. and pears,
apples and so on. If it were me, I would try it. What have you got to use.
Cherry seeds are smaller than plums, peaches and apricots, but they are
covered by a hard shell and considered to be "pits".

2. This man did something that I had never seen or heard of before.
Usually you trim off all the suckers/water spouts from your fruit trees.
The ones that came up from the ground, he grafted onto regular branches
higher up. When he got done, the lower branches had a support holding them
up and keeping them from breaking when they were really loaded with
fruit/snow. The suckers that had been grafted into the bottom of them were
nearly the same size as the branch.

Good luck. Dwayne

"Joe Jamies" wrote in message
Hi there,

I have 4 small plum trees growing at home which I planted from seed,
after a few months of stratification in the refrigerator (I moved the
seeds out of the refrigerator when I saw them starting to germinate).

The plum seeds were ALL successful, but the 50 or so cherry seeds I
also put into the refrigerator did NOT. The cherry seeds are from a
very old cherry tree I have on my property, which is the LAST cherry
tree of this type in my neighbourhood (there were many years ago). The
fruit this tree produces is great, very sweet and fleshy, but I don't
know the exact type. I would really like to produce some new cherry
trees from this old one, since this old tree is rotting and some
branches have already dried up.

I was hoping to get some small cherry rootstocks to grow from the
seeds I collected, but this did not succeed as I said. So, I am
wondering if it would be possible to graft or bud the old cherry onto
the young plum rootstocks. Is it possible to combine these types of

If not, does anyone know how else I can try to get the cherry seeds to
germinate? Or is there a way to graft the old cherry onto itself to
repair some of the drying branches? The lower half of the branches are
pretty bad, but the upper half of the tree looks OK, but it's very
hard to get to the fruit.

Thanks in advance,